Client: Redditch Borough Council

Date: 22nd November 2018


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Redditch Borough Council are a government organisation based in Redditch, just south of Birmingham. Like any council organisation, they have overreaching control of the borough they’re based in and service thousands of residents.



The company advertised a public tender for the replacement of 10 business critical server hard drives. The council announced that the preferred delivery time was within a week of purchase date. They stressed that the kit must be delivered by Monday 7th December and required written assurance this was possible.



Using our strong network of suppliers, we were able to source a drive that many other suppliers couldn’t. The drive in question was not readily available in the UK and was  nearing an EOL status. Not only were we able to source the full quote of 10 like for like drives, we also assured delivery within 3 working days. The Account Manager exhausted all options and was able to have the drives delivered the very next day, mitigating any delay to Redditch Borough or potential business critical issues.