Client: TalenstSpa

Employees: 35

Description: Full office relocation and fit out (including furniture), procurement of new kit with integrated finance solution, design and implementation of telephony and network solutions, installation of a server and multi-function printer, as well as Cisco Meraki firewall & access points.


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Talentspa is the UK’s leading online recruitment specialist.



Talentspa have expanded their operation through recent years and had outgrown their old office space. They had a range of desktops and laptops with varying configurations deployed throughout the business, which had been purchased ad-hoc as their employee count grew. Naturally, the office relocation presented an opportunity to refresh the office space and adapt new ways of working. Talentspa engaged Stephens IT to review their on-going IT solutions and provide a recommendation for a new IT and telephony system to match the business needs and allow for continued growth and expansion.



The relocation project presented an opportunity to combine our expertise in a range of solutions, including:

  • Projects team to discuss the relocation and installation aspects
  • Commercial team to discuss the best vendor solutions and finance arrangements
  • Technical team to plan and discuss network and infrastructure setup requirements
  • Account management team to quote and collate all material for the customer


Between our teams we managed to fully design a new IT system that met the needs of Talentspa, whilst also taking advantage of the opportunity to procure new hardware for the business. We were aware of the cost implications of embarking on such a large scale project for an SME such as Talents pa, as well as the costs of their physical relocation and fit-out project. So through our finance provider WestWon, we were able to offer a solution that comprised of completely new hardware, new server infrastructure and the associated professional services for configuration and installation of all devices, wrapped into a single, affordable monthly cost. Talentspa needed to implement the project within a very tight and demanding six-week deadline, therefore we were tasked with ensuring the project was delivered on-time, from connectivity installation to network and wireless infrastructure. Recruitment companies rely heavily on their telephony system to communicate with customers, prospects and candidates, and so it was vital the new office was ready for occupation with live telephony.


As with all connectivity projects, we are carrier dependant on lead times and many external factors beyond our control. To ensure the site would be live and working for go live, we ensured a 4G solution was implemented and tested prior to occupation, in case of any delay from the communications provider. We successfully designed, procured, configured and installed a range of hardware for Talentspa in line with the project deadline, which included:

  • New server infrastructure
  • Connectivity to the new office space
  • Deployment of a new VoIP telephony solution integrated to CRM
  • CISCO Meraki Firewall and wireless solutions
  • New Dell Micro Form Factor desktop environment
  • New Dell Monitors – Dual monitors with monitor arms for every desk
  • New MFP printer
  • Cable management for new environment
  • Relocation of full office environment


We successfully completed the full office relocation, including; furniture, AV and TV equipment, meeting room spaces, personal items/crates. Talentspa now take advantage of our support offering, enabling us to centrally manage their new equipment and be on-hand to respond to any IT issues as they occur.