Using External Resource for your IT Projects

Sometimes businesses don’t have the capacity to undertake a large scale IT project in-house, and therefore need to turn to a trusted outsourcing partner to help deliver a project on time and within budget. We recently worked with a large investment company in London aiding them with the procurement, installation and testing of 100+ workstations for their traders. These users are high profile, with no room for error, and so we had to ensure that the project was not only completed [...]

Increasing the effectiveness of technology in your business

Most business depend on their technology to run their day-to-day operation, but often overlook how IT can help achieve their wider business goals. We recently appointed an external source to conduct a survey amongst 1,000 UK small and medium businesses with the goal of identifying if the company had any plans for implementing IT solutions to help manage, control or improve a business process. The results showed that less than 20% of business actually had a clear plan to implement [...]

Understanding the importance of UPS

Your business IT network is often the core of your business, responsible for running critical applications that help keep you operational day-to-day. Lately we have seen the impacts of poor procedure management with large organisations failing to keep their IT systems operational (recent British Airways outage), these only highlight the need for businesses to review their infrastructure and disaster recovery plans, to ensure they are well planned, tested and guarantee an appropriate resolution time to major incidents. The most common [...]

Update: Global Cyber Attack

Important update regarding malware outbreak Release Date: 15 May 2017 Friday’s ransomware attack on systems across the globe has caused significant disruption and downtime for any affected organisation. The attack was primarily made up of a variation of a ransomware application, namely called WannaCrypt or WannaCry. Ransomware is a type of malicious software that carries out cryptoviral extortion. This software blocks access to your data until a ransom is paid. Usually a message is displayed requesting payment to unlock the data. We advise customers [...]

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International Work for IMC Team

Date – 30th-31st March Location – Sweden, Stockholm Our IMC team complete another move for a leading IT company is Stockholm, Sweden. Christian Howell was our onsite manager for this move, along with him our team worked together ensuring the end client’s requirements were met and up to our standards. Our staff were tasked with completing “Phase 1” of the project, this meant moving all staff from two areas into the newly refurbished area. All desks in the new refurbished area we remote height [...]

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Breaking Project Records

Our customers rely on us to be their outsourced partner of choice, to help and support their business through the use of IT and technology. When dealing with critical infrastructure, our projects team work out-of-hours to ensure the demands of the business are met, through carefully planned, PRINCE 2 certified project management. This weekend, we had teams actively dealing with over 500 end users, involved in a variety of sites across the UK. This represents one of the busiest weekend’s [...]

Stephens IT IMC Team

IMC (Install, Move, Change) Team Deliver Another Project

This weekend our IMC (Install, Move and Change) team completed another relocation project for a consultancy business in Central London. Louis Sprosen (pictured left) managed the project from concept to completion, and was on-site during the out-of-hours works. We deployed teams throughout the week to assist with the IT planning of the move, followed up by our night teams working from Friday close-of-business to carefully decommission the IT equipment. As the client was expanding their workforce, we also assisted with [...]

Stephens IT Deliver Another Move Project

One of our clients have invested back into the company by building a brand new state of the art building to home their Research and Development department. Our task was to move 300 users from their old building to the new building. The move was carried out in 3 stages, moving 100 users a night over 3 evenings. Stephens IT located the users being moved, decommissioned docking stations and phones, wrapped the equipment then they were placed into crates which [...]

Installation for a Merchant Bank

We recently completed a new installation for a major finance business in Central London. Our customers rely on us to provide a complete end-to-end IT solution, which we have again delivered to our customer. With our account manager engaged with the stakeholders from the very start, we were able to offer a range of services to ensure the project was delivered on time and budget, these include: Procurement Advice Hardware Delivery Imaging of New Devices On-site Installation by our Technicians Testing Post Installation Support