Cyber Security: Introducing Sentinel One

October is Cyber Security month, so we would like to introduce our latest cyber security offering, Sentinel One.

Sentinel One offers broad endpoint protection against diverse modes of attack.

Statistics from its Global Ransomware report showed that 45% of respondents who suffered a ransomware attack in 2018 did so because the anti-virus they had in place wasn’t able to stop it.

Some benefits of Sentinel One compared to legacy Antivirus software:

  • AI detection rather than signature-based detection
  • Multi-layered autonomous prevention that covers all attack vectors, even when offline – legacy Antivirus is vulnerable to new threat vectors such as ransomware, exploits and fileless attacks
  • Autonomous endpoint protection – legacy Antivirus requires manual intervention


View the Sentinel One data sheet here.

We understand that there is a lot of jargon around Cyber Security, so we have created a Cyber Security Glossary –  a comprehensive guide of common (and uncommon) Cyber Security terms which will hopefully help you to understand them in more depth.

Just because you haven’t experienced an attack yet, it doesn’t mean you are safe. Talk to us today about our Sentinel One product offering and what it can do for your business.