Implementing Social Distancing Measures at Work

As businesses prepare to return to work following government advice and guidelines, we’re working with our customers to ensure they able to accommodate this.

Offices have never been designed with social distancing in mind, so businesses will have to think of ways to adhere to rules as the lock-down is slowly lifted and vital employees return to desks.

Although the full details of government guidance surrounding returning to work haven’t been fully released yet, we’re helping our customers to plan and deliver immediate changes to their spaces.

There’s a lot more to relocating users, furniture and equipment within the workplace, than sometimes meets the eye. Some common problems we help our customers to overcome are:

  • Power and data changes
  • Desk relocation
  • Complex IT setup relocations
  • Installation of temporary workspaces
  • Storage of IT equipment / furniture
  • Equipment refresh – replenishing kit that has been deployed for remote working

Our projects team have over 10 years of experience, including working within extremely high risk environments. Some of our clients include investment banks, trading floors and software companies. Our staff are fully BPSS vetted and are available to assist with a project immediately if required.

Image of social distancing desk set-ups
Image of social distancing desk set-ups for a client in London.

If you need any help or just some friendly advice on setting up your office space for safe working, we’re more than happy to help, just get in contact.

Most importantly, keep safe and well.