Increasing the Effectiveness of Technology in Your Business

Most businesses depend on their technology to run their day-to-day operation, but often overlook how IT can help achieve their wider business goals.

We recently appointed an external source to conduct a survey amongst 1,000 UK small and medium businesses, with the goal of identifying if each company had any plans for implementing IT solutions to help manage, control or improve a business process. The results showed that less than 20% of businesses actually had a clear plan to implement new technologies, with the majority admitting they currently don’t have a road-map or development plan for their business systems.

Stakeholders often focus on the business critical elements of their technology estate, ensuring their day-to-day operations remain available and are within a stable environment. Innovation can often be a key differential between competitors within the same market and industry, something as simple as introducing a technology solution that solves a current manual or outdated process can help to strengthen the onward outlook for the business.

Here at Stephens IT, we are constantly looking for ways to help our customers create innovations and unveil new ways in which technology can aid the them, usually in a way that was previously overlooked or unknown. Recently we have been working to ensure customers have a defined IT roadmap, which we review quarterly throughout the year to ensure IT is working effectively for the organisation. An example roadmap is shown below:

During a recent review with a customer, we identified the business had a weakness within their HR department for manual, paper-based processes, something they always overlooked for improvement as the issues had never been reported and identified to stakeholders. We highlighted that the processes were out-dated and lacked innovation and use of the latest technologies. Paper-based holiday forms were often misplaced and lost, with a manual spreadsheet holiday tracking system managed by a single individual.

After being tasked by the customer to design a solution that worked for their specific requirements, we developed an on-line employee management portal within their Intranet, to allow employees to track and request holidays, approvals and time-tracking. The customer was delighted with the outcome, which has led to the majority of their HR requirements now being managed through the portal, replacing the previous paper-based processes.

It’s clear to see that with the appropriate levels of planning, along with a clear road-map for development and success, technology can have a positive impact on wider business areas that may not even flag a need for change.

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