International Work for IT Relocation Team

Our IT Relocation team recently completed another move for a leading IT company in Stockholm, Sweden.

Christian Howell was our onsite manager for this move, and along with him our team worked together ensuring the end client’s requirements were met and up to our standards.

Our staff were tasked with completing “Phase 1” of the project, which involved moving all staff from two areas into the newly refurbished area.

We set up all desks in the new refurbished area with remote height adjustable desks, running 3 meter cables (VGA’s, DVI’s, Power and Network) ensuring each desk could reach its maximum height. Our team’s cable management skills were paramount to ensuring client satisfaction and making everything look neat and tidy.

Before leaving site, Christian walked around with our onsite contact to ensure the client was happy. We have received very good feedback and we look forward to completing Phase 2 for our client.