IT Storage Solutions: Hardware, Bulk Ordering & Asset Management

Do you have problems storing large amounts of IT equipment?

Reasons why customers might need storage solutions:

  • No warehouse / storage facility
  • Item lead time – we have a number of customers who are constantly refreshing equipment, some of which needs to be pre-ordered to ensure availability when they need it. Our warehousing facilities mean that we can order and hold equipment for customers until they are ready for shipment, which we offer next business day or same business day if necessary.

Below is a list of procurement and storage solutions we offer:

  • Free storage when you place an order with us. This is especially useful for companies who place larger orders or are constantly refreshing equipment.
  • Next business day delivery (or same say if required)
  • Discounted installation – we offer discounted rates for any hardware purchased
  • Discounted pre-imaging – we can pre-image new machines in-house to replicate old devices, ensuring all software, applications and machine settings are ready for the end-user
  • Discounts on bulk orders
  • Asset Management – having an IT Asset Management plan is crucial for ensuring that you are maximising the use of technology on the market
  • Spend & order analysis –  often companies will miss money saving opportunities when it comes to procurement