Remote Working Solutions

The age of agile working is upon us, with many businesses already adopting the concept of remote working. We offer cloud and connectivity solutions which enable employees to work out of office whilst remaining connected to the company network. This increases security of endpoints and enables access to essential internal resources.

Below we list our most common remote working solutions, although each solution is bespoke to the business. Please contact us for more information.

Network / VPN

Being able to access the company network is also crucial to allow access to system applications and other resources. We can set up VPN (Virtual Private Network) and remote desktop connections to permit employee access to files, applications and databases stored on the internal infrastructure. Having endpoints connected to the network increases availability of BAU systems and also adds a crucial security layer, ensuring the device is being monitored and managed by the connected infrastructure, as if it was in the local environment.

Office 365 / Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Office 365 provides a suite of office applications and resources in the cloud. It provides all the familiar Office tools you know and love – Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, etc. while also offering all the flexibility that comes with being in the cloud, meaning you can access applications on any device, in the office, on the move, anywhere. All the features work together to make staying in touch with customers and colleagues quicker and easier. Microsoft Teams is a collaboration tool that can be used to host conference calls, host video meetings, collaborate on documents or just message and stay in touch with colleagues.


Not every company considers purchasing extra equipment for remote working, such as laptops. We can provide, install and set-up remote working devices and various other peripherals.

Should your employees require a last minute or urgent relocation, our engineers can assist you with the set-up and installation of equipment, including moving office equipment between locations and setting up workstations remotely.

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