Data / Internet

We work in alliance with our customers to procure, implement and support data connections that ensure IT system availability and redundancy.

From a simply ADSL connection to dedicated leased-line solutions, we are able to carefully advise and source a data connection that matches your needs and requirements of your system and business goals.

Our data products are clear and simple, to help stakeholders gain maximum clarity.

StandardOur standard ADSL connections provide customers with a reliable, stable internet connection to perform low-usage IT tasks. Suitable for basic web usage and e-mail applications.

Download Speed (upto): 17Mbps

Upload Speed (upto): 1Mbps

Unlimited Usage

PremiumOur premium Fibre connections provide customers with a faster, more reliable internet connection to a perform a diverse range of business tasks online. Suitable for large file transfers, large e-mail usage and internet activity.

Download Speed (upto): 38Mbps

Upload Speed (upto): 9.5Mbps

Unlimited Usage

DedicatedOur dedicated line connections provide customers with a private line connection. This ensures bandwidth is not shared and connectivity speeds are guaranteed. Suitable for organisations that use business critical applications.

Download Speed (upto): 10Gbps

Upload Speed (upto): 10Gbps

Unlimited Usage