IMC (Install, Move, Change)

At Stephens IT, our aim is to help our customers introduce new, more dynamic technologies without disruption to any business operations.

In the IT industry, change is a necessary part of continuous service and technological improvement, but often implementing a new solution or service is a daunting and costly exercise. Our aim is to minimise disruption to our customer and end-user and maximise the benefits of new technologies.

Key steps to implementation success:

  • Seamless change in service and operation
  • Sufficient user and network testing
  • Managed process among key stakeholders
  • End-user training and updates

When faced with implementing change services, Stephens IT take an imperative fully managed approach. In-house resources can be stretched and need to be deployed effectively to achieve the best end-result.

The needs are two-fold. Your business must have an effective ICT infrastructure that utilises the latest technology to support the business functions if it is to achieve maximum efficiency, effectiveness and productivity. But the second, equally critical, requirement is that any change, no matter how major, can be undertaken with minimum interruption to the quality or productivity of your daily business functions.


The process involves the initial installation, customisation and configuration of various hardware devices at the user’s workplace. Devices such as; CPU’s, Monitors, Laptops, Printers, etc. This is then followed by the initial installation of software applications. Once the desired output is achieved, training is provided to clients to help them attain maximum functionality without needing any unnecessary support or incurring any additional costs.


IMC services help you relocate and move your whole IT infrastructure to a new office or to another location in the same building. This is carried out in a safe and efficient way. The move stage consists of uninstalling and making sure all devices / equipment is packaged correctly so these can be transported to the new location. The last stage of the move section also includes the re-installation of the equipment to ensure a smooth change over.


Change is often needed when a device or piece of equipment has either broken or starts to perform slowly and a replacement is needed but this can also include modification as well. When making a change within the work place, the size of this often varies. This could be as small as one piece of equipment to as large as the whole company. This process can often include software upgrades, data backup and recovery or configuration changes.