System Migration

Deploying new computer infrastructure, software application, website or any other IT system can be problematic and stressful. The potential for unforeseen risks such as down-time, staff re-training and reliability or compatibility issues can prove very costly.

One of the most common occasions for IT systems migration is when Stephens IT helps customers with office moves and logistics or data centre relocation projects. Our team of engineers, consultants, developers, project managers and training instructors can help you to minimise re-engineering and create a structured deployment and migration plan that will ensure you immediately take advantage of your investment, with the minimum disruption to your organisation.

We have years of legacy IT systems migration experience and we can conduct a thorough examination or audit and health check of your existing IT systems and processes before you start down a migration path. The information gathered will help you to analyse how the changes will impact operators, users and your computer systems and network infrastructure. We can recommend the appropriate IT solutions, services or training from our portfolio that will streamline the integration and deployment process.

Every part of your IT systems migration project can be planned and we supply a broad set of project management services to cater for complex logistical migrations or the most basic computer systems upgrades or software and website development projects. This process helps us to collate all of the information you need to produce a project plan and systems migration proposal that contains the technical labour resources, hosting, hardware, software and training your organisation needs to successfully migrate from a legacy IT system

Examples of Migration

  • Software
  • Data
  • Application
  • Storage
  • Full in-house system upgrade
  • Partial System Upgrade
  • System upgrade to Cloud Services (Email, Office 365, Private Server Hosting)