Connect your organisations’ sites, hubs and offices to ensure your network can scale securely, with minimal additional hardware or expense.

Extending your network across different geographic regions is essential to maintaining a secure IT environment. Software-Defined WAN enables your sites to be connected without the expense of additional hardware and data that traditional multi-site connectivity solutions require.

Which SD-WAN offering do we support?

We constantly evaluate technology on the marketplace to ensure we are both recommending and working the most innovative and cutting-edge solutions available.

We recommend and support Cisco Meraki technology in most environments as part of our standard technology stack. As a Meraki Partner we have the expertise in-house to design and support all of Meraki’s leading cloud solutions.

What is SD-WAN?

Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) is a method of connecting multiple sites, hubs or locations by combining traditional WAN solutions – MPLS, LTE and broadband with a centralised control to intelligently direct traffic across the WAN.

  • With a SD-WAN solution, hubs, branches and smaller locations can be added and removed with ease, allowing for rapid, zero-touch deployments.

  • With instant access to control of the environment, updates and security are deployed to endpoints via the cloud with the efficiency of a software platform.

  • Reduces OPEX and CAPEX costs, allowing for reinvestment in other areas of the technology stack.

  • Local, on-premises infrastructure requires complex, on-site upkeep. SD-WAN provides centralised, cloud based management of your environment.

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