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With the increased shift towards agility and cloud-enabled technology, we work alongside our customers to procure, implement and support data solutions best fit for their business needs.

At Stephens IT, we help our clients to procure, implement and support high-performance business network connections. We take a carrier agnostic, consultative approach, working with you to provide an affordable solution that alleviates the pressure placed onto your network to work harder and smarter.

Telecommunications and connectivity can become extremely segmented, filled with technical jargon that can become confusing even for experienced IT professionals. We use our experience and partnerships to design and implement a solution that meets all the requirements of both end users and technical teams, creating a solution that is best fit for the business, without compromise.

We’re not an ISP. We stick to what we know – utilising experience and knowledge gained from delivering a mixture of data solutions for our customers in a variety of environments. Each solution is designed to meet the needs of the customer, without hidden clauses or commercial advantages at the forefront.

There’s lots of different types of data and communication circuits in the market, but our team can help you to determine everything you need to reach your end-goal. We can utilise our partnerships to provide and connect solutions, or simply help you to design and support your existing or third-party solution.

Below we list a brief overview of the connectivity solutions we help to procure, implement and support, it’s by no means an exhaustive list of the solutions. For any further detail please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Offering unrivalled reliability and guaranteed speeds, leased lines are essential for businesses who rely heavily on their internet connection. Leased lines offer high-speed and low-latency internet access on your own private, un-contended line, backed up by round-the-clock support. Fibre ethernet circuits can offer speeds up-to 10Gbps.

  • Our super-fast service is completely unlimited and built to provide consistently high speeds, allowing businesses to take advantage of the latest internet technology. Connections come with an array of options which can be tailored to your business requirements.

  • With download speeds up to 80Mbps, Fibre Broadband empowers your business to work more efficiently online and is our recommended choice for customers below 10 users, who just need a reliable connection. FTTC is also suitable for a redundant or secondary line when internet is business critical.

  • Fibre Broadband is the undisputed choice for speed and performance for most offices, however ADSL offers even wider availability at a lower price point. Perfect for low-use circuits or as a primary circuit for businesses unable to access the benefits of Fibre.

  • Say no to wiring and introduce faster set-ups while delivering high bandwidth across a larger geographical space with wireless connectivity. A competitive complement to fibre networks, wireless and cellular solutions also allow you to save money by adding capacity due to traffic increase. Cellular solutions also offer a low-cost backup solution, that can help run critical services in the event of a primary line failure.

Looking for SD-WAN? See here for our dedicated SD-WAN page.

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