Video Conferencing
and Unified Communications

Diversify your workforce with flexible unified communications solutions.

Today we are constantly on the move, even more as our technology enables us to do so. This is also becoming a normal part of working life – with the introduction of cloud and internet enabled working solutions, we have discovered that we no longer have to have a physical, wired to a desk, phone or monitor to complete our everyday tasks.

Encouraging both productivity and flexibility, our Unified Communications solutions incorporate everything a business or team requires to communicate, such as messaging, file sharing, video conferencing and voice/video calling.

Benefits of UC solutions:

  1. Reduced Costs

UC solutions are served through the cloud, which means payments can be spread out using an OPEX model rather than paying large upfront costs.

2. Better collaboration and productivity

UC solutions are designed with collaboration and communication tools at their core, enabling better productivity and greater efficiency which is both beneficial within business and with clients.

3. Enhanced user experience

Staff members have the luxury of choosing how and where they work – increasing employee satisfaction and potentially reducing staff turnover.

Our services

  • Video communication is important now more than ever. As well as allowing for remote conferences and meetings, video solutions often now include extra collaborative features such as as whiteboards and screen-sharing.

  • VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) solutions or “Internet Telephony” delivers phone services over an internet connection rather than using traditional wired connections. It is generally a cheaper and more effective solution, also offering extra features such as click-to-call services on websites.

  • Microsoft 365 offers email, file sharing, instant messaging and video solutions as part of a wider package. It is a popular UC choice amongst businesses, who are often widely familiar with other Microsoft Office products, as it provides a central hub for a variety of communication and collaboration tools.

    Integration between all these applications is key. Some solutions, such as Microsoft 365, offer a complete suite of collaboration tools, including voice, conferencing and communication – all within a single platform. Read more about Microsoft 365 as well about how we help you migrate to such solutions.

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