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Making IT relocation as seamless, efficient and stress-free as possible.

Business continuity is critical when relocating IT equipment. Whether it’s a single user set-up or thousands of employees, our aim is to ensure no matter the size of the move, end-users wont feel any effects from being moved from desk to desk.

To do this, we make sure that every detail of the current set-up is noted so it can be completely replicated at the new location, unless otherwise advised. It’s also essential to ensure all potential risks are recorded to ensure a seamless move, whether internal or between two locations.

Prior to the move date, we will always conduct a site visit to meet internal teams and discuss the project/assess the proposed move plans. This allows us consider all logistics of the move including user count, crate hire, packing materials, delivery and collection dates.

    A typical decommission process:

    • Audit of current desk setup
    • All cables are disconnected from the screen
    • Screens are removed from monitor arms or left on generic stands
    • Screens are wrapped and placed carefully into a crate
    • Power cables, mice & keyboards are unplugged from CPU or docking stations
    • Cables are labelled with the correct user and new location and loaded onto the vehicle for transport (if moving across locations)
    • Monitor cables are wrapped around the unit and placed into a crate

    A typical recommission process:

    • All equipment is unloaded carefully from the crate, ready to be set up
    • User’s desk is matched against original audit to ensure ‘like-for-like’ relocation
    • The desk is set up to the client’s exact requirements – including placement of monitors, CPU or docking stations and telephones
    • The labelled crates are placed at the correct desk corresponding to the floor plan given to us
    • Final checks are carried out to ensure that the desk is fully operational


    When moving IT equipment from one office to the next, it is imperative that it is set up correctly. We provide a patching service to ensure that all equipment will be fully functional and responsive in time for the end user to start work.

    Patching services include:

    • Phone patching
    • Data point patching
    • Server patching


    Cable Management

    At the end of a move we check that all cables are kept to a neat and professional standard, ensuring the desk is ready for the user. This creates a safe and productive working environment, which in turn boosts employee performance and comfort. Cable management also makes desks easier to clean and maintain, makes the office look less cluttered and helps to meet health and safety legislation.

    Solutions are bespoke to each client, and we can provide a range of solutions using:

    • Cable socks
    • Velcro
    • Cable ties
    • Cable wrap

    Speak to us today to discuss how we can help with your IT move or relocation project.

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