Server Relocation

From a single server to an entire data centre, we carry out moves for clients of all sizes.

When migrating server environments it is crucial that certain steps are taken to ensure safe transportation of equipment and guarantee minimal down time for our customers and their network.

Relocating a server environment is a complex and challenging task, but our team of experienced specialist server engineers ensure your business critical equipment is in safe hands at all times. Projects of this nature require extensive planning and risk analysis, so we work in parallel with internal IT teams to provide consultancy and advice on how to deliver a successful relocation.

We take time to check the details and collate specific rack diagram information for sign off prior to the project, which also gives on-site teams a detailed description of the environment to refer to during the relocation process.

Specialist equipment is used when relocating server environments. Physical devices are transported in server foam lined flight cases and if required, server lifts are used to remove any heavy equipment directly from the racks. All requirements will always be noted prior to the move.

We also have a labelling system for all equipment including server rails and fixings, in which all labels will correspond with the correct devices, as detailed in the plan.

All vehicles used for this type of project are air suppressed and GPS tracked. In critical or high security transports – we use secondary or redundant vehicles to cater for any unexpected occurrence – no detail or risk is overlooked.

Our process:

A full audit and risk analysis is carried out
All equipment is labelled
Power is switched off and all cabling is safely removed
Equipment is removed from racks and loaded in flight cases
Rails and fixings are removed, labelled and packed
All equipment is transported securely in the vehicle
Equipment is unpacked and re-racked in correspondence with the rack diagram
All cabling is re-patched
Equipment is tested for sign off from the internal team

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