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Hardware issues and failures can cause significant disruption for any business, often resulting in complete loss of IT access for the end-user. Without professional resolution, this can result in very expensive downtime.

When problems arise, it is essential to provide a fast, resourceful and expert response to ensure the issue is dealt with effectively.


What we offer:

Guaranteed response & fix time
Over 40 full time technicians
Extensive spares holding facility

Issues faced by businesses without a Break / Fix resource include:


  • Parts – Businesses are reluctant to stock parts in-house as these can cause long-term stock issues and storage space is also required.
  • Inadequate staff resource – Most internal staff lack the expertise or capability to provide ongoing in-house support or handle major failures. On top of this, there is no reliable out of hours cover.
  • Lack of procedure – Companies may not have the correct help desk resource / knowledge to diagnose and track hardware faults.
  • Lack of spare resources – Investment in spare IT hardware is often overlooked as a pool of spare resources is required to reduce direct staff downtime while issues are resolved.

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+44 (0) 844 357 0900