Disaster Recovery
& Back Up

We ensure your business stays up-and-running at all times.

Disaster recovery (DR) and back up plans determine how your business will cope when presented with a major problem, usually beyond your control.

We often find that when it comes to DR plans, businesses will either have one extensively planned and tested for execution or none at all, the latter usually being a result of financial circumstances. For smaller organisations especially, backup processes and DR plans can seem like an unnecessary and expensive luxury.


But the reality is that if your businesses doesn’t at least have the most basic DR process in place, the impact can be detrimental. Emergency DR solutions will almost always present a higher financial impact.Think about it this way, how much does it cost your business if your employees are offline for a day? Even if this is a single day configuring an alternate solution, the answer is primarily the same, the cost of a single day of interruption or downtime to the business is usually drastically higher than the cost of a DR solution already put in place.

A DR solution should include a plan of action in response to the loss of business-critical IT components such as:

Complete computer room environments

Service provider connectivity

Data storage devices or applications

Critical IT hardware including network infrastructure, servers, desktop or laptop computers, wireless devices and peripherals
Enterprise software applications

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