Disaster Recovery
& Back Up

Planning for recovery when disaster strikes is pivotal for survival.

Nowadays, an organisation’s data is crucial to its business operation. Any technology professional will agree that a strong backup regime and process, combined with a full Disaster Recovery (DR) plan and strategy is essential, as both determine how your business will cope when presented with a major problem, usually beyond your control.

2020 produced the largest mass invocation of DR and recovery plans the world has ever seen. Due to the pandemic, technology had to establish new yet sustainable ways of working at rapid pace. The ability to restore operations with minimal loss or downtime to your user base is crucial in any event, whether that’s due to a global crisis or an internal disaster.

Organisations now use technology in a range of environments, including physical, cloud and SaaS. A common misconception is that adopting a third-party or public cloud solution means you don’t have to worry about a backup or disaster recovery strategy for these environments – this is not true.

We partner with industry leading vendors, such as Barracuda, Acronis and Microsoft to deliver best-in-class backup solutions for our clients. In each environment, we consider the data usage and impact of failure to the wider business before designing a DR and backup solution unique to the customer.

Common examples of what we review:

Site replication within public cloud environments

Assumptions are often are made that data within public cloud is already backed up and there is no need for redundancy. Sadly, as standard, this isn’t true. Although the public cloud provides ultimate flexibility and use of highly available, high-end infrastructure, backup is not a standard part of the offering, so deployment of a third party or integrated backup product is essential.

Ensuring all devices or storage areas are included in backups

It is critical to account for all data sources in your back up operation. Customers often believe their backup methods are comprehensive and cover for all data within their infrastructure. Upon review, we usually find that servers are the primary concern for backups while storage appliances are overlooked, especially when they have been updated or expanded.

Redundancy within public cloud environments

Again, the public cloud infrastructure isn’t issue free. Independent regions or data centres are known to suffer outages amongst other issues. Considerations should be made for regional site failover or redundancy when adopting a full public cloud environment, or even if critical applications or workflows are handled in this environment.

Review, Test and Educate

The key to any backup or DR plan is to continually review applicability, test possible scenarios and ensure key stakeholders within the organisation are kept up-to-date and informed, not just the tech department.

Disaster Recovery is integrated into our Managed IT offering and when combined with our Cyber Security services, gives our customers peace of mind that their technology is secure and able to recover quickly from any threat or disaster.

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