On-Site Support

Where necessary, we provide dedicated field engineers to resolve your on-site issues.

Remote support provides a quick and effective service, however sometimes additional resource is required, whether that’s for a specific project or to boost your internal team. Our field engineers can attend client sites to solve issues on premises, offering customers the flexibility to increase resources as required, with minimal commitment.

We don’t just attend your premises because of an issue, there’s a list of reasons you may require a physical presence on-site, including:

  • Network or connectivity issues preventing remote access
  • Physical issues causing damage to IT equipment
  • IT projects – including installations, deployments or relocations
  • Ongoing support for internal teams

Often, customers with larger environments require a permanent on-site presence. Not only does this provide flexibility within internal resources, it can also alleviate pressure off of internal teams who may be experiencing high workload or a change of circumstance resulting in a decrease in internal staff.

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