Cyber Security

Helping customers implement & maintain robust security defences against cyber vulnerabilities.

We help our clients to secure their data, technology and assets in an evolving threat landscape.

Our range of cyber security services include: implementing defence strategies and technologies against external cyber attacks and creating layers of protection within your organisation to protect sensitive data, all while ensuring compliance with the latest information security standards and legislation.

No two organisations are the same, every response and plan to combat a cyber incident needs to be robust enough to deliver if the time arises. We tailor our solutions to meet the needs of the customer environment, ranging from providing a fully-outsourced SOC (Security Operations Centre) through to red/blue team vulnerability testing and everything in between.

Services we offer:

Strategy and Consultancy

Our Information Security professionals help to asses risks and design and implement processes and solutions that not only help our clients to gain and maintain accreditation status, but also give you the peace-of-mind that your critical data is well protected.

Penetration Testing

Identifying weakness and exposure within your environment is a continuous challenge in an ever-expanding threat vector landscape. We use a red/blue team approach to penetration testing to identify vulnerabilities and provide remedial steps in order to maintain a robust defence.

Managed SOC

For larger organisations who have continuous exposure to a range of threat vectors, the security operation requires more than prevention or remediation. It requires a constant, holistic managed operation that can detect, respond and remediate threats instantly across a large, often agile user-base.

Firewall Management

Many smaller companies may not even know they have a Firewall, let alone monitor the traffic passing through it. Managing your Firewall correctly helps to prevent potential threats entering the network while allowing legitimate traffic to pass through as normal.

Updates and Patching

Ensuring software is patched and up-to-date is key to helping protect your organisation from cyber attacks. We offer advanced update management, which includes proactive monitoring to identify devices that are running out-of-date software and completing fast, regular patches / updates.

Anti-Virus and Malware Protection

With threats becoming more advanced, your protection methods must do the same. We ensure our AV solutions include the best software on the market, such as endpoint protection Sentinel One, which uses AI to detect and prevent different types of threats at every stage of the cycle.

Cyber Essentials Certification

Cyber Essentials is a Government-backed scheme that helps organisations of all sizes ensure they are taking appropriate measures to safeguard themselves against cyber threats. There are two types of certification:

  • This self-assessment option ensures that your business is protected against the majority of common cyber attacks.

  • This option involves a hands-on technical verification by a third-party and offers more benefits than the standard option.


Business Security

Simply installing a firewall or anti-virus software isn’t enough. Completing Cyber Essentials is guaranteed to reduce your risk of being breached by 80%.

Stand Out Against Competition

Cyber Essentials is the minimum requirement when bidding for public contracts. Gain an advantage by making potential clients aware that you prioritise data protection.

Reduce GDPR Fines

Although no business is ever 100% protected against breaches, with Cyber Essentials you can prove that your business has made every effort to protect client data and therefore avoid having to pay fines (which can be up to 4% of your global turnover).

Reduce Insurance Premiums

Achieving Cyber Essentials makes your business more attractive to underwriters and reduces your premiums.

Promote your Certification Online

Potential prospects will recognise you as a secure and compliant business when you display your accreditation on your website and on social media.

Boost Business Efficiency

Double down on your core business knowing you’re cyber secure, allowing your staff to work with confidence.


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The report will highlight any live compromises within your user-base, a good start to exposing any vulnerabilities.