System Lifecycle

Configure, build, deploy or repair your technology assets with our streamlined lifecycle service.

We oversee that our customers are consistently implementing and maximising the use of new technologies by managing the lifecycle of their assets.

Businesses often purchase IT equipment on an ad-hoc basis with no clear strategy or management, thus overlooking the true cost of their IT estate. This usually happens because the full lifecycle process presents a challenge for organisations, especially as it requires careful planning, maintenance and administration resources, which some companies just can’t cater for.

This is why we encourage customers to consider a system lifecycle solution, especially those who purchase large quantities of equipment which requires consistent replenishing.

Our solution

  • Secure, fully insured off-site facility for storing high-value equipment
  • Ability to call-off equipment for deployment or shipment, incorporating build, break/fix and shipment into a single service
  • Secure-by-design – builds are run on isolated VLAN networks that can be connected to customer networks for total endpoint security
  • Dedicated facility that can build over 100 devices a day, with the ability to scale as required
  • With efficient asset management, including asset tagging and database management, have up-to-date visibility of all physical assets, in real-time
  • Maximise the life of your assets, with manufacture warranty handling covered
Securely destroy and re-purpose your assets, with full certification and compliance.
No need to buy new. A well managed lifecycle function gives you the ability to re-deploy devices “as new”.
As devices require maintenance, replenishment or updating – refresh devices with minimal downtime.
Easily identify assets within your organisation with device management.

Our lifecycle process

Utilise an array of purchasing options to gain maximum value from your purchase.
Store your assets in a secure, safe, off-site facility with same-day availability.
Configure your devices so they work seamlessly for users upon receipt, without the need for an internal build room.
Ship your assets wherever you need them. Fully packaged, insured and with fast delivery.

We help you

We build thousands of devices each year for our customers, who each have different requirements and handle their hardware/build process in a slightly different way. When we began working on break/fix or device builds for clients, we believed there was way to streamline the process, take ownership of the solution and provide a better experience for our clients and end-users – thus our lifecycle service was born.

By investing in a facility that is “secure-by-design”, combined with our warehousing and storage facilities – we can now take ownership of hardware replenishment, builds, break/fix, asset tracking and end-of-life services for our customers’ infrastructures, all wrapped in to one service. Our customers benefit from a hardware lifecycle function they may have wanted to implement internally, but not had the time, resources or facilities to achieve.

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