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Our streamlined purchasing solutions help save you time and money.

Sourcing the right technology? Where to start?

Having to liaise with various suppliers and integrate their different procurement processes usually has the same result: complex, costly, inconsistent and a drain on resources. Aside from that, it can be difficult and time-consuming when you’re also trying to meet the needs of your business.

We follow industry best practices to enhance your long-term goals, minimise costs and alleviate the pitfalls of the procurement and supply chain system.

Benefits of using our procurement service:

  • Advice on equipment specific to the demands of your business and employees
  • Access to all major vendors
  • Optimised purchasing strategy
  • Ability to spread costs of equipment and services to support financial budgets
  • Ease of purchase, removing multiple supplier loop holes
  • Increased buying power, equating to greater discounts

If you would rather specify a preferred vendor, we can make recommendations based on those requirements utilising our relationships and buying power with all major vendors.

While device choice is unlimited, helping our customers refine makes, models and quantities of devices has benefits further down the line, such as increased discounts, simplified device handling/maintenance and exchanging of outdated devices, eventually leading to added value and recurring cost savings as well as a higher ROI.

We appreciate upfront CAPEX costs can be a hard pill to swallow and at times, there may be a significant and lengthy sign-off procedure to undergo before a commitment can be made. Therefore we offer a number of finance options, allowing you to spread costs into a more manageable contract period for your business. We also are able to asset manage and store equipment in our secure warehouse facility until it is ready for deployment.

For any further questions, clarity or just to understand more about our procurement options, please get in contact today.

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