Providing Global Smart Hands Resource During the Pandemic

Like most businesses, many of our customers have relied heavily on their technology during pandemic. However the simultaneous travel restrictions have made it difficult for those with with offices in multiple geographic regions to maintain certain technology requirements in different locations.

Traditionally, global enterprises have relied on internal resource to support their technology in different locations. Working within the internal support team of a global company often includes travel to regional or international offices to triage and remedy issues.

However since the onset of the travel restrictions imposed by the pandemic, organisations soon found that they couldn’t rely on their internal teams to travel. Although most restrictions allow staff to travel for work within technology – with restrictions constantly evolving and the potential risk to the workforce – IT teams have had to find other ways to respond and deal with issues that needed “hands on” support within remote locations.

Logistically, there are a range of issues presented, such as:

  • Local knowledge
  • Language restrictions
  • Communication
  • Resource level in location

Combining our resourcing ability with our centralised support, management and service delivery has enabled us to provide SLA-backed, localised support for clients without the constraints or expense previously incurred.

Ultimately, our expanse in resources, combined with our experience in working with global customers and locations enables us to deliver a true end-to-end solution including global procurement and logistical tasks.

Our customers now utilise us to handle their global requirements, reducing their travel and staffing expenses and improving the SLA and resolve time for incidents and requests.

In January alone, we worked with our customers to complete a range of international work, such as:

  • US – Break/fix for networking equipment in Dallas, Texas
  • Tokyo – Complete server decommission and transport to the US
  • Tokyo – Office decommission including e-waste and secure destruction in location
  • Paris – Office works to enable a sub-lease of space for a global customer
  • Germany – Triage and replacement of edge networking device
  • Milan – Completed a trader relocation project to enable social distancing setups
  • Abu Dhabi – Installation of new security appliance and wireless access points as part of a global rollout
  • Sydney – Replacement of key networking components

These projects were managed by our global teams across the US, UK and local resources in region.

For more information on how we can help with global projects or technology resource, please get in touch.