Squire & Partners Case Study

Squire and Partners is an award winning architectural company based in London. With over 40 years experience, Squire & Partners has an international reputation for architecture. They have worked for some of the world’s leading developers on masterplans, private and affordable residential, workspace, retail, education and public buildings.


Squire & Partners needed to relocate 200 users from their Kings Cross location to their new Brixton Office.


We worked alongside the company’s internal IT team to de-rack servers before wrapping and packing them into safe and secure flight cases provided by Stephens IT. We also completed the decom of 200 CPUs ready for installation at the new Brixton office. At the new location, we followed a user specific floor plan to recom equipment for the 200 users who were spread over 3 floors after moving and unpacking crates alongside our partner moves company.



Our communication and feedback from Squire & Partners IT was fantastic and we are now members of their private top floor bar! Overall, a really successful and seamless move.

Client: Squire & Partners

Employees: 200+

Site: King’s Cross London

Description: Decommission of 200 CPUs ready for installation and image of 200 new CPUs at the company’s new Brixton office.

Website: www.squireandpartners.com

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