Stephens IT Takes Part in Virtual Careers Talk With Local Secondary School

Yesterday we took part in a virtual careers talk with a local secondary school, Kemnal Technology College, hosted by L&G and Semble. The aim of the talk was to inform year 11 students about potential career paths, gaining insight from local small businesses such as ourselves. The careers talk was originally organised to take place within our office, however was reorganised as a virtual talk due to the pandemic. Thankfully this wasn’t too much of an issue for us, being a tech company!

Our Managing Director Tom spoke about his personal career journey, from building his own company at 16 to opening up a US office. He also spoke about his experience working in IT, offering tips and advice on how to start a career in IT. The talk also involved an interactive quiz and Q&A session, and we also set the students a follow-up task. We were really impressed with the students’ knowledge and inquisitiveness, and wish all the year 11 pupils at Kemnal Technology College a successful future ahead.