Understanding the Importance of UPS

Your business IT network is often the core of your business, responsible for running critical applications that help keep you operational day-to-day. Lately we have seen the impacts of poor procedure management with large organisations failing to keep their IT systems operational (recent British Airways outage), these only highlight the need for businesses to review their infrastructure and disaster recovery plans, to ensure they are well planned, tested and guarantee an appropriate resolution time to major incidents.

The most common failure for IT equipment is in the event of a power supply failure. When the power fails, devices instantly shutdown without following the normal ‘shut down’ procedures (stopping services in the correct order, booting components down in the correct sequence) which can cause catastrophic damage to physical components, and lead to permanent damage.

A good question to test your confidence in your disaster recovery solution:

Are you confident that your business could resume operating in an appropriate timescale if your main hard disks failed to start?

Many business overlook the simple effectiveness of a Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system. The systems main aim is to provide a window in which infrastructure can be successfully powered down using the correct procedures, rather than an instant ‘unplug’ effect of a power failure. UPS also protects systems from voltage fluctuations, which can lead to component damage and prevents the optimum performance of the devices. UPS also offers protection against power surges, spikes and saps.

A solid business IT network will have powerful UPS supporting the critical servers and infrastructure, with larger batteries and capacity of up-time, along with smaller UPS devices fitted to critical users end-devices (PCs, laptops, monitors, etc). This enables users to continue working normally even during a complete power outage. How much would it cost you if all your employees couldn’t work for what can be long periods during power outages? Normally the costs of a UPS system are paid for within the first 4-5 incidents in which power is lost and the backup systems allow employees to continue working.

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